Behind the Scenes

Each workshop is slightly different, just as it should be. Not only because we collaborate with different experts but because we are also exploring new grounds as we create them. It is always a combination of careful research in the beginning stages and following our instinct as we design the final touches. 

Nomad Atelier was founded on the knowledge that each one of us has something to teach, to share. When I began this journey I knew I could not do this alone. 


Photo Credits: Camilla Vazzoler

Attention to detail​

Each workshop has a different theme, a driving element that I keep in mind as a Curator even when choosing locations. 

Accompanied by beautiful nutritious food, different scents, natural elements carefully stimulating all the senses.

Photo Credits: Camilla Vazzoler

Sensory bags

Sensorial kits to explore your own personal branding

Photo Credits: Camilla Vazzoler

When the right atmosphere is created, it's incredible to watch people come together. Barriers are shifted, information exchanged and friendships are formed. Sometimes, even the least expected collaborations are born. 


Inspiration & creative process

Our inspiration comes many times from conversations, experimenting and trusting our instinct. This is probably one of the phases I love the most. It's where I unleash all my creative freedom, surely led by my passion for styling homes, exploring beautiful spaces and the love for small details that I bring into everything I do in Nomad Atelier.