The five better-known senses are regularly taken for granted but the sixth is often not recognized at all, despite being as personal to us as our fingerprints


Sensorial Exploration(The experience?)


Six days of carefully curated sensorial exploration. These days we will be balanced to engage each of your senses individually through bespoke local learning experiences. We have invited five creative experts specifically because of their strong connections with, and knowledge of one sense or another. Through this myriad of individuals, we will not only learn new skills but remind ourselves of our own inherent ones, sensory gifts, that form our unique perspective of the world. 



During these days there will be optional morning yoga sessions, fresh meals prepared daily with local ingredients and most importantly of all…time for yourself.  The gardens are private and we want you to explore them whilst the house itself has a swimming pool and plenty of shaded areas for reading, writing or just being still. 




Stepping out of our routines


Our daily routines often do not often leave time to appreciate let alone cultivate our senses, and so we lose touch with the beautiful details within ourselves and our surroundings. 

However, by giving yourself the time now to reconnect with these senses and recharge, you can bring this back into your daily routines. 





The retreat will be held in Villa Chettinad, on the island of Ibiza. Overlooking the hills, which in the morning are covered in mist, and the evening, capture the last drafts of sunlight, it offers just the right amount of isolation. In late October it is a wonderfully deserted and unexplored paradise.

The house itself has been tastefully furnished to preserve the traditional elements, white washed walls and heavy wooden beams but modern touches have been introduced for comfort. The surrounding gardens carry the smells of rosemary and mint, whilst the trees hang heavy with apricots, pomegranates and oranges, a comforting abundance of colours, smells and tastes. 


The villa offers:

Outdoor eating/reading areas

Swimming pool with panoramic views

Beautiful bedrooms

Indoor kitchens with views out to the ocean 

Yoga room 

Nearby walks and deserted beaches



Travel with the senses (Who is it for?)


This experience is for those who are curious to immerse themselves in another culture and broaden their sensory horizons. 

It is also importantly for those who are searching for a moment of stillness. We want you to find calmness in these days, in the natural environment which will recharge you and strengthen your sensory sensitivity.






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