2 Days in VENICE  

April 22-23  2017

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Storytelling MasterClass

Renaissance Palazzo

You are guided to develop your confidence and skills expressing more of who you are. This bespoke series takes you to explore how to find your voice through writing, accompanied by exercises on styling your brand whether it is to tell visual stories for your projects, portfolio or for your own personal desire.

Programme Preview

Each day you will be learning foundation steps to transform your creative business and create space for it to unfold.

Day 1: Find your voice & writing style

Day 2: Your personal branding

There will be interactive sessions and hands-on exercises during the day from moodboarding, writing content ideas, using Instagram with intention to curating content in a very tailored way. Leaving space for Q & A with special guest speakers over cocktails. 


You will walk away with a snapshot of where you are, a clear vision for your writing and branding, and a concrete action plan on where to focus. 

Location: Venice
Date: April 22-23 2017

Our next workshop will be in the magical city of Venice, perfect to inspire you to slow down and immerse yourself in the "Art of Storytelling".

Two days of inspirational sessions and expert advice designed to refine your personal vision, bring out your unique style in writing and use of visual elements.

You will be learning different techniques in a beautiful Venezian palazzo, a setting that will awaken all your senses. 

Spaces to tak a break
Beautiful setting on the Gran Canal
Works Space
Storytelling Workshop
Mentors: Cortney McDermott an award-winning writer, international speaker &
Katherine Suarez a visual storyteller and digital marketing consultant.
I feel very lucky to co-host these two days with Cortney and together create an experience you will always remember in this beautiful location.
For whom: This curated workshop will appeal to you if you are looking to find your personal tone, your personal style in writing, visual storytelling or branding. If you are want to learn to connect authentically with your audience through Instagram and other channels. For bloggers, marketeers, creative entrepreneurs, writers or anyone with an interest to give vision to ideas, express their creative self or personal identity.
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Other Upcoming in 2017 

As we grow, we strive to share this bespoke and curated experience with others who wish to be involved. Workshops are being planned in various locations. More to come in the upcoming months.

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