2 Days in VENICE  

April 22-23  2017

Day 1



Day 2



Past Event 2017 

Storytelling MasterClass

Our past workshop was in the magical city of Venice, perfect to inspire you to slow down and immerse yourself in the "Art of Storytelling".
Mentors: Cortney McDermott an award-winning writer and international speaker & Katherine Suarez a visual storyteller and digital marketing consultant.
It was an honour to co-host these two days with Cortney in this beautiful location, guiding others to develop their confidence and skills expressing more of whom they are.
Here's a glimpse of what we did . . .
Location: Palazzo Contarini Polignac, Venice
Date: April 2017

Memories from our Weekend in Venice // #NomadMoments

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."  

Leonardo Da Vinci

Day 1

Find your voice & writing style with Cortney McDermott

During the first day Cortney led everyone in finding their voice and bringing out their unique style in writing accompanied by interactive exercises. She shared expert advice and tips on telling stories and writing content ideas, using some of her core pillars coming out in her new book "Change Starts within You".

Guest Speaker

Johann DePietri, a favourite Instagrammer in Venice was our special guest. Johann guided us to explore the canals with the eyes of a local reminding us to also see the beauty in wherever we live. He shared his Instagram secrets and taught us to look at things from a different angle just as his dear wife inspired him to see beauty in everyday life. Johann is a self-taught photographer that has clearly developed his signature style capturing Venice through “reflections" and “the water” beautifully shown on his Instagram feed @depietrijojo. 


Diana Vreeland: "The Eye Has to Travel" 

Meeting Curious minds
Cortney and I were really inspired meeting such a special group of women active in the world of styling, wellness, blogging and creative entrepreneurs.
During these two days we shared the foundation steps to transform their creative business and create space for it to unfold. It was a moment for everyone to speak their mind, allowing themselves to give vision to ideas and express their creative self or personal identity.
Day 2

Your personal branding with Katherine Suarez

Personal identity comes from within. During the second day, many exercises were focused on refining a "personal vision" and "understanding whom we are". The session began with exploring our inner world through our senses, moodboarding and understanding how to find our own unique style in whatever we do. To then discussing how to curate content on Instagram and styling our brand whether it is to tell visual stories about projects, our portfolio or simply sharing personal moments. 

Learning different techniques in a beautiful Venezian palazzo,

a setting that will awaken all your senses. 

Oprah Winfrey:  "Love is in the details" 

Exploring brands you love, looking at color or visual elements that resonate with you.

Cheryl - Body Worker & Wellness Coach

"My follow-up with Katherine was incredible! She illuminated and stretched me to further refine my personal vision and the story I'm ready to tell and live.

I highly recommend it to any entrepreneur looking to explore their creativity and enhance their skills and visibility in an environment where every detail is  considered to awaken and delight the senses."

Curated Food:
Benedetta Chiozza is the woman behind these beautiful and tasteful dishes curated with so much love during our workshop. She not only inspired us with her philosophy and choice of local ingredients but also with her storytelling. One can then understand how her passion gave her the courage to leave her previous life as a lawyer and believe she could design the life she envisioned.
It might take time but the journey is worth the effort . . .
Benedetta Chiossa
Benedetta Chiossa
Lunch starters
Lunch starters
Exploring hummus flavors
Exploring hummus flavors
Goodbye gifts
Goodbye gifts
“Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.”
Jim Rohn.
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