Held in the dusty labyrinth of Marrakech, a city that is both immediately familiar and at the same time inspiringly mysterious, this retreat was an exclusive escape tailored to the Art of Business, Self-Discovery and Slow Travel.

It was designed to provide inspiration and thoughtful introspection into your mindset, giving time for reflection to really listen and understand where you are in your life while also awakening your creative self and exploring the hidden elements of Marrakech. 

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As guests arrived in our beautiful location, they began enjoying the hospitality of mint tea in Morocco, diving into the beauty of rituals.

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Welcome gifts were a ritual for us everyday. During our first evening, we began drinking Namaste tea (from Tea Lab Company), perfect opening for the days ahead while getting to know each other through different exercises and setting our intentions.

DAY 1 / Slow Travel

We began our day in Marrakech exploring the magical worlds of creative minds like Yves Saint Laurent.

We visited ateliers of designers and local craftsmen looking for those special pieces to take home with us.

"As the CEO of a creative agency, I felt I had already found my voice and designed the life I want to live. But Katherine taught me so much in those 4 days in Marrakech, every hour was curated with meaning. Every experience carefully thought through, catering to my curiosity and constant need to learn.
I returned to NYC inspired, patient and more creative then I had been in a long time. With stories to share and unique experiences to remember."


Rinat Aruh

Co-Founder & CEO

DAY 2 / The Art of Business

It was a day for us to be inspired from each other, taking some moments on women’s day to talk about our purpose and visions.

We also met other women entrepreneurs, hearing their journeys and how they stayed true to themselves overcoming many challenges.

The last part of the afternoon was dedicated to visual storytelling exercises with Guest speaker Emma Aroldi and my co-host Jan McCarthy guiding us to bring out our creative self.

DAY 3 / Self-Discovery

This is the day where it all came together.

The desert's majestic atmosphere welcomed us all.

Each one of us finding those moments to disconnect. Moments to learn about mindset and how we see ourselves.

This day was about taking time for rituals. I’m still in owe of the amazing partners from Colombia, New York, London and Italy whom shared such special gifts for our guests. They made those moments truly special in the desert.

Tea Rituals

From Tea Lab Company

Hand Rituals

From Loto del Sur

Mindful Practices

From The Mindful Series

We ended our day with our special guest speaker Emma Louis Sophia, whom shared with us some exercises of self portraiture as well as giving us a peek into the world of mindfulness she’s now sharing with the world.

"Taking time to explore real meaning - on both a personal and professional level - is a rare luxury, and Katherine and Jan made the experience as effortless as it was enriching, in every sense. I would love to take the time to do a workshop with them every year!"


Emma Aroldi

Creative Entrepreneur