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Mentors & Experts

Nomad Atelier brings together creative and business mentors who share their talents and skills. 

You may be familiar with some of them, from following them on their instagrams, pinterests, blogs, websites or other sources.

Or you may have never heard of them before. Either way, they will guide and mentor you through whatever workshop you choose to explore.


Nomad Atelier Vision

"Each one of us have something to teach, to share. 

That is what this journey is all about.

To be inspired and learn from others"

Master Circles

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Meet our partner network:



These are the people whom can share their experience and advise you, either for personal or professional projects.



Our network includes passionate professionals, that help and inspire

us during our workshops and yearly masters circle gatherings.



We have a number of talented people skilled in their industry and specialization, motivated to share their personal insights and knowledge. 



It’s my hope that if you should need guidance you tap into our network to help you find clarity, advice on specific matters or guidance on achieving meaningful goals.

Some of us are independent entrepreneurs, creatives, small business owners, or still work in larger environments. Part of our philosophy is not only to begin this journey with our workshops but also help you evolve with your creative, professional, and personal projects, if desired.  

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