Tailored around your needs

As entrepreneurs, having personal and business guidance to help you know how to grow your business and where to focus your energy can be transformational.

You've realized that your time is limited and would love to have personalized private sessions with practical input and business advice to build your brand while also working on your mindset as an entrepreneur.

You're ready to finally design your business as you desire, and need help to communicate what makes you different (your zone of genius) and what you do in a way that others understand. You want to design that bespoke brand experience just as you would love to live it yourself.

You don't have time for self-learning or group coaching and simply need direct accountability from someone who you feel aligned to, that can provide you with both a unique eye for design and expert business advice on different topics. These can vary from knowing your pricing, positioning and how to offer a curated customer journey to refining your branding and storytelling approach, digital marketing, building your website or simply curating your instagram feed.  


With this in mind, I created this 6-month private mentoring journey during which you can access my broad experience in many different areas from my 20 years in corporate international companies and 5 years as entrepreneur.


See here below a glimpse of how we could work together.

nomad business mentoring
Katherine Suarez Nomad Atelier


/ 6 Month Mentoring (Bi-weekly Sessions of 1.30 hr.) / 12 sessions

/ 2 Half VIP Strategy Days 

/ Exclusive Access to "Nomad Atelier Circle Membership" for like-minded entrepreneurs, bi-monthly gatherings in Mastermind format (from working circles and mindset coaching to special guest speaker talks)

/ Exclusive Welcome Gift by mail

/ Priority access to Nomad Atelier Retreats held around the world

/ Entrepreneur working tools that will guide your progress (brand and business blueprints to budgeting tools, Mk and website plans depending on what is needed)

/ Email support for urgent business needs


Our bi-weekly mentoring is personalized to your business needs and priorities. Here's a glimpse of some of the topics that are normally covered:

Business mentoring Nomad Atelier



Sharpen your business offerings, processes and long term strategy connecting your different worlds:

/ Work on your desired business model, revenue targets & ways of earning income

/ Mapout tools and frameworks needed for the different offerings

/ Your dream client: we go in detail about the kind of clients you want to work with




Refine your branding style so that it feels uniquely you, aligned with what your philosophy and what you offer.

/ Digital check-up or setup of channels assuring a cohesive branding alignment

/ Review your brand presence and customer journey, brand voice & story

/ Mapout how to setup your website and curate your Instagram feed

Business Mentoring Nomad Atelier



Map out action plan of main priorities to focus on in the next 6 months (priorities, processes) to work on together.

/ Grow Visibility: mailing list, community building and social media strategy

/ Market strategy & roadmap: revise business plan, Mk budget, core offers

/ Plan how to attract clients and potential partners (channels, tools, curated content, collaborations)


Soulful entrepreneurs looking for a like-minded mentor to accompany them in launching or redesigning their business with a refined and unique style aligned to their purpose.


If you're needing one-on-one guidance and accountability in building your business and being more focused, this is a flexible package perfect for us to work together on the different topics needed in your business and move faster.


This is an exclusive program for which I only offer a limited number of spots during the year.

Before scheduling a call to discuss all details of this Nomad Business Private Journey, I would love to know more about you, your needs and see if we're both the right fit.  Thank you for taking the time to apply here below.  We will then follow-up with next steps to see how we can best work together.

Any questions? Want to know more or guidance on what's for you, contact us at
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