January 20th, 2020

Half day workshop

Now more than ever, we search for experiences designed to evoke emotions and to which we feel connected to during everyday life.


As entrepreneurs, we want to create something memorable, whether it’s an unforgettable experience, awaken a  curiosity or transmit something that is truly unique about our philosophy and what we offer.


We will explore your branding through the senses whether it’s for business or for yourself.

You'll walk away with a brand sensorial blueprint and strategy on how to transmit your brand essence in different moments of your client journey, curating with intention your desired brand experience.


This workshop is about going beyond what meets the eye. “Vision” is the most common sense focused on, while in reality, we engage with the world through all our senses.


We explore together how you can create those sensory moments for your brand throughout a client journey? How do you want them to feel? How do you want to be remembered? 



/ Forward-thinking entrepreneurs & Start-ups

/ Bespoke & emerging brands 

/ Storytellers and Marketeers

/ Looking to find your style

/ Looking to know yourself through your senses


I feel honored to be co-hosting this workshop together with Emmanuelle Grau-Bretin from Flacon & Molecule whom will guide you to use your sense of smell to explore your brand essence and choose between different scents to compose a message coherent with who you are or your brand persona.


Like colors, textures and shapes, smells are part of the "mood" we want to evoke. They are able to take us on a journey in different places, atmospheres and times while also a way to reveal ourselves to others.


In this four hour workshop, we will walk you through a sensory approach in experiential branding from visual moodboards to creating your own personal scent essence bringing together the different elements.

/ Welcome Questionnaire


/ Brand Vision

We will explore you brand vision, your why, what makes you unique

/ Brand Persona

We think about your ideal client, how you would want them to feel if they smelled notes from your signature scent, colors or images in your communication, tasted a certain flavor, felt your favorite textures or listened to a certain rhythm.

/ Sensorial BrandMap

Olfactory self-discovery journey: decode your olfactory language, studying raw materials and their smells, finding those that most resonate understanding how they connect to your brand essence or personality and style.

You will walk away with your own multi-sensory map:

/ Branding sensory blueprint

/ Ceramic message holder perfumed with your personal scent essence

/ Olfactory essence in a small sample

/ Visual moodboard




Digital Strategy & Thoughtful Branding

With over 20 years of experience leading digital initiatives in the Fashion and Outdoor Industry for international brands including The North Face, 7 For All Mankind, Vans and Benetton. Today, Katherine is the founder of Nomad Atelierthrough which she shares her experience as a business advisor and mentor.

Everything she does has a curated, bespoke approach — from working with like-minded clients looking to be innovative, grow their business and find their own voice to offering tailored workshops empowering people to  to slow down, refocus and design the life and business they want. 

From Colombian origins, she now lives in Italy.



Olfactive experience creation & sensorial art direction

Driven by a deep aesthetic sensibility, Emmanuelle first graduated in medicine to specialize in reconstructive surgery. After four years of practice, she gave an artistic turn to her career by studying and working in fashion in Milan and afterward studying perfume creation in Paris. This personal journey led her to become an Olfactive designer, founding Flacon & Molécule.


Emmanuelle guides clients on an exploration of their inner world and identifies this uniqueness contained in every human being, every project, and every brand. Her olfactory journeys and services are for anyone wishing to surround themselves with scents selected in a more conscious way.

Settled in Switzerland, Emmanuelle is fascinated by the rest of the world, and loves to forge links around the globe.


WHEN: January 20th (2 - 6 p.m.)

WHERE: Treviso, Italy (Location will be sent to guests)


Limited spaces (6-8) available

Any questions? Want to know more, contact us at

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