Please read these terms & conditions (also referred to as “Agreement”) carefully, by signing up for (“signing up for” also refers to joining/purchasing/buying) INSTAGRAM COURSE OR INSTAGRAM PREMIUM COURSE (also referred to as “Course”and includes all other bonuses that you get access to also with Premium course package) by Nomad Atelier by Katherine Suarez (also referred to as “We”), you (also referred to as “Client”) are agreeing to all of the terms & conditions listed here. 


"Grow your Following on Instagram with your true voice" is an online course of which I am confident that if you follow the steps outlined in this course, you will see results.  


Instagram Course will be available to access from September 17th, 2020. It will give you access to the content and video recordings for 12 months from the moment you buy it. 

Instagram Premium Course will be available to access from September 17th, 2020. It will give you access to the content and video recordings for 12 months from the moment you buy it including access to a Live Q&A call on Oct.7th (unless otherwise informed) and access to the "Ideal Client Masterclass" also available for access from Sept. 17th onwards.


With INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE you get access to content that will help you bring out your unique style on Instagram, create content that speaks to your ideal client, and grow your community but Nomad Atelier cannot be held responsible for your success. You are 100% responsible for taking action based on what you learn in INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE. 

We accept Visa and Mastercard (for upfront payment). We do not offer bank transfers or any other payment methods.


We DO NOT offer refunds for INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE and there are no exceptions. Please note: Nomad Atelier reserves the right to seek recovery of any outstanding payments through a collection agency.


All content (in the form of video, audio, images, text) in INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE, both inside the membership site and in the private community, created by Nomad Atelier, any member of Nomad Atelier or guest speakers is copyrighted and belongs to Nomad Atelier. By signing up for INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE you agree not to violate our copyright. You are allowed to download material where we offer a download option. You are not allowed to screenshot, copy, share or sell any content from INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE.



INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE is for your personal use only. You are not allowed to share your username and password or give anyone access to INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE, (business partners included). If you want to go through INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE with another person then that person needs to sign up for INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE too.



INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE is a promotion free community. You are not allowed to advertise your services inside INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE, ask other INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE members to private message you, or private message other INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE members without asking them for their permission first. Sharing links without the right context, Facebook Lives, Facebook stories and videos is considered a promotion. Any promotional posts will be deleted without warning.


You can email team@nomadatelier for technical support to access the membership site. We aim to respond within 24 hrs to all emails. 



We respect your privacy and insist that you respect our privacy too. Any confidential information shared by Katherine Suarez, any member of Nomad Atelier, guest speakers or any participant of INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE is confidential, proprietary, and belongs solely and exclusively to the person who discloses the information. You agree not to disclose, reveal, or make use of any confidential information or any transactions during discussions, online or otherwise. By joining PREMIUM COURSE you agree to keep private information confidential and use your best efforts to safeguard confidential information and to protect it against disclosure, misuse, espionage, loss, and theft.



By purchasing INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE, you agree that if you violate or display any likelihood of violating this Agreement, Nomad Atelier and/or INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE participants will be entitled to injunctive relief to prohibit any such violations and to protect against the harm of such violations. With any violations of this Agreement, we reserve the right to expel you from INSTAGRAM COURSE/PREMIUM COURSE. Expelation doesn’t relieve you from financial obligations to pay for BUSINESS OF ME and does not give you the right to a refund.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy or about the course please contact me directly before buying the course.

Terms & Conditions